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Doorwork - Doors and Automatisms

Quality Policy

Doorwork PNLS Lda. [DW] and the Doorwork Services Lda. [DWS], within the scope of the activities of Assembly, Sale and Installation of doors and automatisms and Technical Assistance to doors and automatisms, respectively, have as their strategic objective the sustainable growth of their business in the nacional market.
To this end, it seeks to continuously improve the performance of its activities in order to meet the expectations of relevant stakeholders.

To this end, it assumes to:

  • Maintain an effective Quality Management System, applied to all its activities, as in the NP EN ISO 9001:2015;
  • Achieve and maintain high performance principles that promote the strengthening of DW and DWS;
  • Ensure obedience with applicable legislation and regulations;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the performance of DW and DWS;
  • Invest whenever possible in the search for solutions to better serve the costumer, in a sustainable way;
  • Encounter the customer requirements, always attempting to exceed their expectations.

In order to achieve the points enumerated above, the Management provides the necessary material and human resources, committing to ensure that the Quality Policy is assimilated, implemented and maintained at all levels of DW and DWS.