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Doorwork - Doors and Automatisms

Project 2020


Project designation: DOORWORK + Qualification + Competitiveness
Project code: NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-041310
Main goal: Strengthen the competitiveness of PME
Intervention region: North
Beneficiary entity: DOORWORK – PNLS, LDA

Approval date: 06-03-2020
Opening date: 14-09-2020
Date of the conclusion: 14-09-2022
Eligible total cost: 254.234,85 EUR
Financial support from the European Union: FEDER – 114.405,68 EUR


DOORWORK aims to improve its positioning in intangible domains of competitiveness. The reinforcement of the management capacity, mainly in the segment of after-sales support and maintenance, and the development of some skills in the assembly are effective bets of the company.