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Doorwork - Doors and Automatisms

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DOORWORK-PNLS, LDA assumes as a mission to occupy their own space on the market, mainly through investment in long-term relationships with its clients, offering them always the best global solutions personalized to your needs. Allied to the slogan “Time is our speciality”, DOORWORK excels in making commitments and partnerships, only solid basis for the alliance between the parties involved and therefore achieve success. If time is the maximum value to build and consolidate a relationship, commitment is the measure that dictates its importance. There are 8 commitments that DOORWORK guarantees in carrying out its mission and certifying the quality of its services: focus on the customer, responsibility, collaboration, leadership, performance, innovation, integrity and quality.


Its strategic vision is to become the reference, the unique company capable of being the best option, recognized by its clients, employees and suppliers. It stands out for its way of being in the market, for the relationship of commitment, availability and product quality. A service that is guided by efficiency and competitiveness.

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